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Urki System


Company Phoenix Ltd. is well known to its clients as a supplier of car repair paint shops by all the necessary paint materials and accessories, as well as hand tools, spray booths and other equipment. Our product offering consists of a range of products produced by global leaders in our field, with the aim to offer an adequate solution for every purpose and different economic requirements. Our current paint assortment features leading premium brands Standox and Spies Hecker, as well as Challenger, a paint system developed for quality demanding and yet economically sensible customers.

In year 2017, we have introduced another paint brand, this time as a leap to the industrial market product offering.  Our long term cooperation in the field of car refinishing products with a Spanish producer Bernardo Ecenarro (BESA) is widened by the introduction of industrial paint system – URKI-SYSTEM.  This paint system consists of 27 pigments and more than 70 different types of binders, which being mixed with the pigments, create varnishes with desired characteristics for many purposes, surfaces to be coated, application methods etc. Another advantage of this paint system is the certification of certain technologies in compliance with EN ISO 12944 Norm, done by an independent laboratory.With this kind of support, we may create an offer for any type of request – different locations, humidity, durability in a given environment, gloss level etc.


The complete paint system is accompanied by a variety of prep-materials such as Epoxy primers, Quick-drying primers, Shop primers etc. The technologies are classified in 3 different groups :

  1. Systems with 1K primer
  2. Systems with 2K primer
  3. Systems without a primer – direct adhesion to the surface


Using URKI-SYSTEM-a, we are able to create more than 12,000 color nuances according different color charts such (RAL, Pantone, Afnor, NCS, Color Truck…). In order to prepare the desired color code, we use a special color software developed by the producer BESA, with the aid of precise electronic scales with the possibility to measure quantities to the level of 0.1 gr.

Look at the range of products

We are pleased to invite you to visit our retail shop in Belgrade, to get yourself acquainted with our new mix system, and to find a solution to the future challenges along the way.

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