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Challenger 2
Challenger 1

Challenger is a complete paint system, including the mixing equipment and all the tools needed to find the correct color tone. Highly consistent and reliable product quality based on the technology of Axalta Coating Systems. A paint system which consists of well balanced components for mixing colors in conventional basecoat and 2K MS technology.

Basic characteristics of this system are easiness of use with user-friendly mixing ratios, wide field of application possibilities, packages adapted to the market needs and and attractive pricing.

Challenger tools for finding an adequate color match are following the most modern technologies and consist of the following elements :

  • OEM Color box – basic color shades – over 4,000 samples
  • Variant color box – originally painted color chips with all the color variances, sorted by car manufacturer – over 8,000 painted color samples
  • Challenger tinting poster
  • Challenger color database software
  • Spectrophotometer for electronic record sampling and finding an adequate match according to the record

Challenger paint system is an excellent choice for quality demanding, yet cost-conscious customers, offering good product characteristics, controlled by Axalta Coating Systems chemical concern, while maintaining a fairly low initial investment.

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