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Spies Hecker is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paints and varnishes for car-refinishing with a tradition of over 130 years of existence. Spies Hecker offers its customers a 24 hours support program, training in the training centers across Europe and seminars for users with our expert instructors.


Spies Hecker provides the complete range of products for every area of application. Each product is reliable and easy to use, cost effective and above all, absolutely correct in coloristics. System solutions ranging from custom kits and primers, fillers, hardeners, topcoats in paints and clear coats, including thinners and cleaners for the surface – always guarantee a perfect application.

  • MS technology

It is characterized by simplicity and versatility. MS technology is considered a standard technology for repair.

  • HS technology

HS materials have a much higher content of solids than MS paint. In this way we reduce the number of required coats, and thus material consumption drops dramatically – up to 30%

  • Water based technology

This technology sets new standards in the field of first-class results, simple implementation and high efficiency. It is a technology that, due to the low content of solvents, does not pollute the nature and the surrounding environment. A sufficient number of coats for efficient application is 1.5, saving material and workmanship up to 20%, while the costs are also reduced as there is a possibility of using the remaining material.

Accessories range

Complementing our paint products, our accessories range makes your daily work easier. Spies Hecker paint mixing machines, color documents or “CR Plus” software for your computer that contains over 160,000 color formulas – are just a few examples from our wide range of supporting tools.


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