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3M brand

A leader in the production of accessories for car refinishing

3M is a dynamic manufacturing company that continually builds its reputation on new inventions. It was founded in 1902. 3M has grown into a large multinational company that operates in 70 countries..

Following its policy to keep theclose to the market to meet the specific requirements of customers, 3M has 30 manufacturing locations throughout Europe, which satisfy 70% of the needs of European customers in Europe itself.

3M is a company that has developed a range of products for the automotive repair industry and thus became the most famous companiy in this field. These are the products of top quality for each stage of the car repair process, including cleaning and surface preparation up to the perfect finishing products.

The complete 3M product rangewith over 700 products for the maintenance and servicing of cars includes:

  • adhesives, coatings and sealants;
  • complete polishing product range
  • mechanical and chemical abrasives and accessories
  • masking products, plastic repair products and glass bonding products;
  • Protective equipment for the painters.

With such a wide range of products, brand 3M is inevitably the most famous and inspires the greatest confidence in the industry, so it is used worldwide by all major vehicle manufacturers.

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