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Superb Japanese technology produces guns and other equipment for painting for the application which significantly reduces the material consumption and the time required for the work. Special attention was paid to compliance with the regulations on environmental protection.

Thanks to this, IWATA products are sold worldwide. Quality of the paint guns is verifiedby its certificate MIRRC (Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre), Thatcham, United Kingdom. Evidence about quality of IWATA equipment is the fact that FIAT uses it to equip its line for painting vehicles.

Some of the features of these great spray guns were:

  • lightweight ( W400 – 440 g)
  • easy to use
  • very fine atomisation tested by leading manufacturers of paints
  • very low air consumption
  • transfer coefficient of materials up to 92% (High T.E.C.)

Product portfolio of IWATA other than pistols, comprisesall kinds of pumps for paint (diaphragmatic and “airless”), guns for industry (automated and robotic painting lines), guns for electrostatic application of the material as well as guns for sandblasting. There are also short-wave infrared heaters of different sizes and strength, and a range of gun washing muchines, as well as some other tools used in the paint shop.

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