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What would be the easiest way to make the correct choice of the color?

One of the biggest challenges in the world of car paint coloristic is how to properly choose the correct color nuance. If you ever had a chance to experience damages on your car paint, such as the change of color nuance due to the atmospheric influences (UV impact, hail, sale or acid rains), scratches or traffic accidents, you were in position to think about damage repair and repainting of the surfaces. It is easier to pick a color nuance if you are painting the complete vehicle, but the difficulties occur when you need only to paint one car part, and to fit the color nuance to the old paint on the adjacent parts.

Some of the reasons for this issue can be explained through the fact that color perception differs strongly among the different angles and light sources. In order to properly process this phenomenon, we need to understand the nature color itself, how it is perceived by a human eye and how is the influence of light in defining the color that we perceive.


To make this easier for the users, Spies Hecker created one of the most modern and efficient tools to support the check of color shade.


This lamp has the possibility to provide two different light effects – day light and evening light, which is more yellowish and simulates the light at sunset or an artificial light source such as street lights or similar. For each of the light choices there is a possibility to choose three levels of intensity. This lamp is based on LED technology, which enables the light to be emitted evenly, without concentrated centered light circles in one spot. This assures a realistic color perception and compensates the lack of day light.


Whoever had a chance to work with Spies Hecker brand mix system is well acquainted with the fact that one of its biggest advantages is the preciseness in color shading and the complete coloristic in general. This fact is based on well created, precise color documentation and color software, developed in tight cooperation with the leading car manufacturers worldwide. New Color Spot color check lamp is the newest development in the field of color tools offered by Spies Hecker nowadays.

Beside all the mentioned advantages, this lamp is small, easily portable and user friendly, and as such it will facilitate and accelerate the daily job of professional repairers working with colors.

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