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1 Day Car repair – myth or truth?

Certainly you had a chance to think of a way to overcome the lack of vehicle while your car is being repaired in a car paint shop. This is a challenge of the present time, enhanced by the fact that everything is happening more swiftly than before, which makes the time spent travelling between the points of interest much more valuable. Beside your wish not to get separated from your precious car for more than two days, there is also a need for you to execute many errands every day, which do require a vehicle in order to be done.

You must have in mind that car repair is a complex and demanding craft and it cannot be done well enough if all the necessary procedures are not being respected, in order to revert a damaged or replace part to its factory condition. This can be a lasting process, depending on the type of repair and characteristics of color nuance itself. Our task is to facilitate this work for the professionals in the field of car refinishing and to offer quick and encouraging solutions. We do this with the aid of newly developed  technologies, and support in the transfer of know-how.

In product portfolio of Phoenix, among many other hiqh-end materials approved by car manufacturers worldwide, we introduced new, quick drying materials, which can be of great aid in shortening the total repair time and hence lower the costs while increasing efficiency in the paint shop. Fillers and clear coats that are usually cured in the spray booth or left to dry overnight, get a new, quick alternative with Standox VOC Pro Filler Accelerator and Standox VOC Xtreme clear coat.



Well known Standox VOC Pro filer U7530 is a proven high quality 2K Standox Filler. It is known for its good filling power and vertical stability. This year it is further improved by the addition of a new accelerator U7535 which is used to reach a very short drying time – only 30 minutes at the temperature of 20°C. This way it enables savings in fuel consumption that would be necessary to reach 70° in a spray booth, as well as the time that can be used to fulfill other tasks and increase the number of cars repaired in your paint shop.





Another reinforcement to our product range is our new clear coat – Standox VOC Xtreme clear K9580. This clear coat is a part of the newest technology of Standox, developed specifically for quick repairs. It features a very short drying time – 45-60 minutes at 20°C, or just 5-10 minutes in the spray booth at 60° metal temperature. This is another Standox tool which helps you increase the efficiency and save energy and fuel costs in your paint shop.


Please share your experience in use of Standox materials with us.


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